Health Informatics – Introduction

Setelah googling dg keywords masing2:

  • health informatics
  • medical informatics
  • public health informatics

maka didpt pengertian..

Health informatics is an evolving scientific discipline that deals with the collection, storage, retrieval, communication and optimal use of health related data, information and knowledge. The discipline utilises the methods and technologies of the information sciences for the purposes of problem solving and decision-making thus assuring quality healthcare in all basic and applied areas of biomedical sciences…

Medical informatics has to do with all aspects of understanding and promoting the effective organization, analysis, management, and use of information in health care. While the field of medical informatics shares the general scope of these interests with some other health care specialties and disciplines, medical informatics has developed its own areas of emphasis and approaches that have set it apart from other disciplines and specialties. For one, a common thread through medical informatics has been the emphasis on technology as an integral tool to help organize, analyze, manage, and use information…

Public Health Informatics may be defined as the systematic application of information technologies and systems to public health practice.
Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping public health both manage client information for the delivery of services and assisting in the efficient evaluation of health outcomes and program effectiveness. Public Health Informatics is closely related to Medical Informatics,…

semuanya berhubungan dgn informasi dan teknologi..untuk membantu organisasi/manajemen mencapai tujuannya..

Updated Nov. 18, 2006: cek juga beberapa definisi Informatika Kedokteran di blog-nya Agus Mutamakin.


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