CompTech – Between Firefox 1.5 and Opera 8.51

As a starter (..not a geek..), I found Firefox 1.5 and Opera 8.51 (under Win XP) were more better than Internet Explorer 6.0 (waiting for IE7..?). Both of them have (which IE doesn’t..not yet..?) :

  • tabbed browsing in current window
  • built-in popups blocker
  • built-in integrated search (Google, Yahoo, etc)
  • cross platforms (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X,..)
  • better security and privacy

Personally..I use Firefox 1.5 because :

  • its help support is available offline..
  • it’s support for W3C standards
  • its web developer extension is great
  • it’s 2 lines (includes tabs..) customization toolbar with an easy drag and wasting spaces (see pics below..)
  • its open source power

Firefox toolbarGraphic 1. Firefox 1.5 toolbar (2 lines) after customization..

I also use Opera 8.51, because :

  • its “The Fastest Browser on Earth” off course (both rendering and start-up time..)..
  • its free banner too..since 8.5
  • its small screen mode (shift+F11)..they have Opera for mobile devices too..
  • its better zoom tool..
  • it’s so many integrated client, chat client, contact manager, newsfeed aggregator, newsreader..(not yet try all of them..or maybe I don’t need that many..)
  • it needs smaller resources of memory (with all the features..)

Opera toolbarGraphic 2. Opera 8.51 toolbar after customization..

And I use all of them..especially to check the preview of my blog..Firefox 1.5 for blogging..Opera 8.51 for small screen checking..Internet Explorer 6.0 for other preview checking (it has a lot of user..still..please switch to “not IE”..)..just get all their good features..please give me your feedback..


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